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Just Bondage DVD

Release Year: 2013

Here is bondage erotica in its purest essence. No plot line, no dialogue. Just ropes, gags, and girls. In this feature, two of our favorite bondslaves, Natasha and Angela, demonstrate what bondage play is all about. Their curvaceous bodies straining sensuously against the unrelenting embrace of tight ropes, their pleading eyes and muffled moans are a portrait of feminine subjection. Don't let their struggles and moans fool you. These girls love their bondage, and you will love their performance as they endure a series of ties, expertly executed by our Master Bondsman, D.J. Houston. So sit back, relax, and take in the show. Read more »

HDT – Aug 28, 2013 – Mattie Borders

Release Year: 2013

Mattie Borders fantasizes about what it would be like to experience slave training. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she writes in, requesting to be trained by Cyd. A few weeks later, she receives the following instructions. She is to arrive at the farm on a specific date and time and make her way into the upper bay of the barn. She has no idea what is in store for her once she gets there, but the experience will change her forever. Read more »

Powerful Women Beg To Be Bound And Massively Gagged DVD

Release Year: 2013

Bondage Designs present “Powerful Women Beg To Be Bound And Massively Gagged”. Powerful business ladies in five scenes want to be tied up and gagged. They explain how they want to be bound. In all these scenes the converse with their Dominatrix about what to use. They discuss this in great detail, they know what they want. These sexy ladies why they enjoy it. They love to be bound tightly and gagged, using a lot of rope. Read more »

Bondage Orgasms 1 DVD

Release Year: 2013

Get ready for a erotic bondage video, featuring five beautiful ladies humiliated, disciplined and go to orgasm! One after another they succumb to the wilds of a orgasm. The painful pleasure is more than they can handle as they cum right in front of your eyes. Read more »

Damsels Bound 4 DVD

Release Year: 2013

Chanta Rose: Adult superstar Chanta is bound and gagged in several positions and finally endures an orgasm control scene while spread-eagle and gagged in bed. Read more »

Scatologic Family Part 1

Release Year: 2013
Genres: scat,peeing,
Video language: Japanese

Older extreme Asians had a big get-together shit and piss on each other party session. Read more »

ExtremeWhipping – August 23, 2013 – Studio Whipping

Release Year: 2013

When she came to the studio cute Jeanne thought it would only be a harmless shooting with some whips and bondage.But after her hands were tied up in the air the long and painful bullwhip lashed her helpless naked body with full force. Than she realized the nightmare she was captured in.The 'photographer' had no mercy with the poor girl.Her beautiful naked skin had to endure countless strokes with the long and heavy pain tool! Read more »

IR – Aug 23, 2013 – Dixon Mason

Release Year: 2013

Dixon Mason loves it when bad things happen to her. It's the twin feelings of pain and humiliation that really get her pussy wet. That's why I bent her over, shoved an inflatable dildo up her ass and pumped it up to max size before I start bruising her ass with a leather paddle. I need to loosen that hole, in case I want use it later. Read more »

SB – August 21, 2013 – Alana Rains, Matt Williams

Release Year: 2013

After securely binding her, she is made to strip for our viewing pleasure. It isn't easy for her to do so while tied, but it sure is fun for us to watch. When she succeeds, she is rewarded in the best way possible-a dick battering the back of her tonsils. A bound 18 year old taking a brutal throat pounding is always a beautiful sight to behold, and she earns another reward: being dicked down to the hilt. Alana has no choice but to take it, and she does, moaning like a whore in heat the whole time. Read more »

Jewell Marceau – Tough Discipline DVD

Release Year: 2013

Jewell Marceau loves playing with her eager and anxious to please submissive Sinn Sage. Sinn is constantly begging Jewell to be her Mistress and to test her sexual boundaries and limits incorporating pleasure and pain and how much her mind and body can take. As Jewell takes her place as “Mistress” she administers “Tough Discipline” to Sinn Sage teaching her that she must endure a lot; physically and mentally before she can receive the rewards she longs for. Read more »
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