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Broke Down DVD

Release Year: 2013

A broken down car. A rough neighborhood. A chance knock on a door. AnnaBelle’s bad night gets a whole lot better when these unfortunate events lead her straight into Kali Kane and Paris Kennedy’s dungeon. Once they lay eyes on AnnaBelle, Kali and Paris agree to let her use their phone, for a price: her innocence. Watch Kali and Paris have their way with young AnnaBelle, corrupting her sweet nature as they bring her into the world of girl-on-girl domination. In plenty of hot lesbian scenes, these two lucky Dommes use wax play, strap-on play, spanking, bondage and even some hardcore anal play to teach the formerly sweet AnnaBelle the importance of keeping up on her maintenance. Read more »

Beautiful lesbians loves to play with shit

Year: 2013
Genre: Scat, Piss, Vomit, Human Toilet, Shit Eating
Studio: Scat Access
Country:USA+Deutschland Read more »

IR – Oct 25, 2013 – Whip Titty Fun

Release Year: 2013

Nadia White has skin too perfect to go unmarked. Her body is hot and she is ready and willing to please.Tied off, her tits make perfect, perky targets. Each one gets its own whip at one point. The way the circulation is cut off makes them so sensitive that she can barely take it. The cane and hot wax come out and they are no nicer than the whip. The most painful part is the suction cups. They are so tight around her nipples that bruises start to form instantly. Read more »

RTB – Oct 26, 2013 – Wenona, Darling

Release Year: 2013

Having two veteran beauties on hand for this kind of torment is a real treat. First we hook Wenona up to a box that provides electrical charges at seemingly random intervals. It's an ingenious way to keep her screaming while we go to work on Darling for a bit.She complains about the clamps on her tongue and tits, but as much as she wants to cry, Elise's tickle torture has her in stitches. Read more »

HDT – Oct 23, 2013 – Bailey Blue

Release Year: 2013

Bound and gagged on her knees with elbows cinched behind her back and a rope around her neck tethering her to a column, she struggles in vain to find a comfortable position to rest. Read more »

Pain Times Seven

Release Year: 2013

Seven is a gorgeous blonde babe who is kidnapped and sold into the cruel hands of bondage master Dave Darke. This exciting video opens with Seven being dragged against her will into an underground dungeon. After being stripped and fondled, Seven is hoisted into the air by a thick leather strap that runs through her crotch and digs painfully into her labia. The naked Seven is then to ride a wooden horse while a heavy stock keeps her arms held high and a tongue clamp keeps her protests to a minimum. The form of her body becomes covered with drool. The next scene finds Seven's voluptuous breasts clamped in a vice like workbench. Dave begins flogging and cropping Seven's beautiful ass. .. Read more »

Two Girls Tormented Together DVD

Release Year: 2013

Sybil Hawthorne and Livvy Rose share a bed in sexy retro lingerie. After undressing and a little making out, Livvy surprises Sybil with handcuffs, legcuffs, and toe and thumb cuffs. After an extended foot tickling, spanking, and paddling, Sybil is both laughing hysterically and shedding tears. Next, Livvy dons a strap-on and brings Sybil to a happy conclusion. Read more »

CruxDreams – Jenia Agony on the Cross 7

Release Year: 2013

Very rare and unique video from site CruxDreams. Beautiful Girls damages caused on the cross. Unique video of bondage. Delve into the world of bondage, which fascinates her beauty and attractiveness ... Read more »

ExtremeWhipping – October 23, 2013 – Whipping Food

Release Year: 2013

Today this dark beauty is the whipping meal for a real freak. HECTOR is captured in a cage only released for therapy reasons from time to time. Today he should follow his deepest fantasies and the suspended girl will be his victim.Witness a merciless trashing of this beautiful streched and naked body.The freak knows how to give her real pain! Read more »

1st Time Client And Domination Desires DVD

Release Year: 2013

Mistress Mina checks her email and has a new client. Emily Addison, a hot, sexy blonde who the mistress is waiting to get her hands on. Unfortunately, the dungeon is occupied, but no worries, Mina calls Emily over to her place, “a domestic setting is much more intimate anyway”, especially for the erotic ties Mina has in mind. Shortly after her arrival, Emily is quickly tied to a chair, and the eroticism starts. Soon the cloths are removed and with her chest tightly bound and spread across the wooden table, Mina turns up the heat by teasing & tormenting her, but does not let her reach full ecstasy. Emily is then hog-tied on the floor, and this is where Mina gives her client exactly what she came for. Read more »
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