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PowerShotz – Tatum Vibro Torture

Release Year: 2013

Big juicy melons begging to be smashed, slapped, poked, twisted, and pulled! Watch a busty brunette get tortured from her toes to her tits! Then, an unsuspecting muscle girl gets her muscle groups stimulated in more ways than one! Finally, enter at your own risk as slave training begins! Read more »

ExtremeWhipping – Jan 28, 2014 – Harsh Suspension Trashing

Release Year: 2014

See the blonde cutie trying to escape from the merciless lashes. But hanging in the air what can you do?Expect a very severe punishment of a beautiful young girl ! Read more »

SB – Jan 29, 2014 – Roxy Rox, Matt Williams

Release Year: 2014

Just to make it interesting, we bind her down onto the most powerful vibrator in the world. A sybian sounds like an airplane taking off. It can not be denied. It always wins. The sybian rips out orgasm after orgasm, long after the pussy is tired and wants to tap out. How well can this slut multitask? Can she still deep throat while cumming her brains out? Only one way to find out! Read more »

ExtremePain – Jan 21, 2014 – Extreme Exorcism

Release Year: 2014

This is my very first time being suspended by my feet upside down. Believe me, it`s a special feeling to hang in a helpless position like that, all intimate parts fully exposed, expecting the stinging singeltail from the machine. Read more »

SB – Jan 27, 2014 – Rain DeGrey, Matt Williams

Release Year: 2014

We start off with having her apply her own blindfold, and then quickly tie her elbows behind her, effectively rendering her instantly helpless. Back and forth we toss this blonde bimbo, disorienting her while ripping her dress off. Once the dress is ripped off, her massive breasts are freed, and we bind them up so strictly they look fit to explode. Thrusting her down on her knees, blindfolded and bound, she is ready. Read more »

ExtremePain – Jan 28, 2014 – Upside Down

Release Year: 2014

In this extraordinary whipping-bondage session sweet Lynette wants to test her limits. After X-bound to the wheel her hard nipples feel the strong kiss of the dog whip. Read more »

Doll Scat Piss And Shit Eating (23 video)

Video language: English

Thin beginning, but thick end. Look at me when pressing out a hot sausage and then to directly smeared on my rose ...Look me in the toilet, as I press out a hard sausage. Shitting a nice pile on the glass table in my living room... Read more »

ExtremeWhipping – Jan 24, 2014 Spoiled Brat

Release Year: 2014

We will give you more insight on how victims accused of black magic were tortured until they admitted.These innocent young girl took as much as she could but in the end the pain broke them all. Read more »

SB – Jan 24, 2014 – Elise Graves

Release Year: 2014

Elise Graves is a authentic pervert. She is one of those people that got into porn to satisfy her perverse and kinky needs, she isn't here for the paycheck or fame. She loves this stuff, she needs it, she craves it. Satisfying her cravings has led her into taking dick on camera for the whole world to see. What should we do with a slut like that? How about stick her bound and hooded in a large black van, yank her out, throw her over our shoulder like a tied up sack of potatoes, throw her on a couch and rag doll fuck her brains out? Read more »

RTB – Jan 25, 2014 – Mollie Rose, Cadence Cross.

Release Year: 2014

One in a cage and one on the stage. That's how this scene opens up. The petite and pretty Bunny Doll is locked away and answering a few personal questions while we are getting Mollie Rose prepared. Well, it is worth waiting a few minutes to see what we are putting Mollie through. The set up is wonderful. She is on her knees, mouth open, tongue clamped and tits ready to be pumped into suction cups. Read more »
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