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SSM – Oct 03, 2014 – Jade Jantzen

Not many of the women that we shoot will disobey my direct instructions during a the past year, I can't remember any model who doesn't comply with just a little urging...Enter Jade Jantzen...dark, beautiful, sensual, dark and dark...she has a somewhat strictly business vibe...she has been playing with rope for awhile and is familiar with many things BDSM, but has not experienced the expectation of submission.. Read more »

SSM – Oct 24, 2014 – Alaina Kristar

Alaina is back for more...her first BDSM experience here at SocietySM proved to be very entertaining...I knew I had to have her delicious youth under my control again...In true BDSM fashion, I increase the intensity of Alaina's predicaments...Enjoying being back in our non-climate controlled studio after a very hot summer of shooting at my residence, I begin Alaina in an ankle hang suspension...she is spread, bent, pleasured and punished before her tough day ends with another suspension.. Read more »

SSM – Sep 26, 2014 – Rachael Madori

DungeonCorp continues to bring the freshest faces and hottest bodies to hardcore BDSM with Rachael Madori...19 years old...long legs, perfect tits and a sweet face...not to mention some very dark desires...after the pre shoot interview, I knew this one had great potential for submission...I opt for steel shackles for my bind of choice...Rachael's perfect body is kept rigidly locked through three scenes as I explore her sensations and reactions.. Read more »

SR – Oct 01, 2014 – Sabrina Banks

Sabrina was excited for a more intense we ramped her up from PerfectSlave to Strict Restraint...She is stripped and shackled on her back...I had to see Sabrina in my favorite position...spread eagle...The lines of her body become even more beautiful as she pulls and easy task when you're lokced into steel shackles...Sabrina is no powder puff...I introduce her to nipple clamps as well as flogging and then I draw orgasms from her body with impunity.. Read more »

PS – Oct 07, 2014 – Gianna Nicole

We rope her up tight...wrists tied off to a bar and knees tied apart...You can tell she feels it...Gianna shows it very it all makes her feel...helpless and beautiful...Her hot body is kept on display as we turn the vibrator on...her pussy gets very sensitive and we see some good and sincere struggling to move her the end, it takes less energy to just allow the vibrator to do it's work... Read more »

SSM – Oct 11, 2014 – Cosima Knight

Cosima is a tall, leggy blonde with beautiful breasts and the allure of a hollywood actress...I found myself being very interested in seeing how she would react to my tenderless ways...treating this one like a helpless little slut would seem only a dream...and then, there she was all tied up, with her legs spread...such a treat...she begins with a bit of stubborness, but she learns her place well before the first scene is over...I do not take it easy on Cosima.. Read more »

PS – Oct 15, 2014 – Gianna Nicole

Every slave, no matter how well behaved, still needs a bit of punishment and discipline...It's Gianna's turn for a spanking and she is probably confused as to why since she didnt misbehave at all...some asses just need to be swatted like targets and Gianna's ass seems in even more need than normal...Alex tenderizes her beautiful ass before bringing in the vibrator for her reward... Read more »

Shit Actress Riho Yuzuki And Konomi Futaba (2004)

Video language: Japanese

Japanese shit and piss. Smear the whole body by shit and masturbate. Eat shit.

Read more »

SSM – Oct 17, 2014 – Sabrina Banks

There is definitely something about Sabrina Banks...her beauty shocked me...the lines of her body...her musculature, her perfect tits and ass...and pussy...silky dark hair, slim face and huge eyes complete her picture...This woman should be a mold...I found myself very happy to get my ropes and hands on her...I cut her clothes off, suspend her in a side hang, spread those sweet legs wide open and then I do my best to break her with a good back bend... Read more »

Kitchen extreme

Year: 2013
Genre: Scat
Country: USA,Germany,Brazil
Time: 27 min
Starring: Beautiful Girls Read more »
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