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This Is The Life – Amber Ivy – Full HD 1080p

Pampering and adoration, that is the life Amber Ivy is all too used to. Because as a woman she knows there are no shortage of men out there that will sacrifice their time to worship and serve her on demand. Read more »

Astro Domina – Human Carpet – HD 720p

Today, Sydney has a trampling session. She's wearing a super sexy outfit and sharp stiletto heels. The sub is naked with his hands tied behind his back, ankles wrapped in chains and face masked. Sydney uses her full weight to walk on his chest leaving small marks where her heels dig into his skin. She decides to take of her shoes and change things up a bit. Instead of merely standing on the loser's chest, she performs some more acrobatic moves. Running and jumping on his chest and other parts of his body. With nowhere to go, the sub endures the trampling and jumping until Sydney gets tired and bored of her human carpet. Read more »

That Reward Is All Yours – Anastasia Rose – Full HD 1080p

Anastasia Rose is smiling because she walks into the bedroom only to see her sweet man diligently cleaning her tub. Good boy, now she will part her legs and let him eat his reward. Read more »

Morgan enjoys orgasm after orgasm

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Morgan just pulls his face right into her pussy and orders him to start licking it. As beautiful as Morgan is, what man out there would not comply with her wishes? Morgan enjoys orgasm after orgasm from the skilled tongue of the masseur, moaning and writhing in pleasure from his efforts. When she has satisfied her urges she asks the masseur if he would like her to have sex with her. He eagerly agrees, only to have her laugh and tell him that her pussy is way too good for him. But she will refer him to her some of her female friends looking for an orally talented masseur Read more »

Outdoor Degradation – HD 720p

Today, it's to hurt your cock and balls. You don't need anything for this clip except your hands. Easy right? Won't be that bad? Yeah, we'll see about that! Read more »

Sasha Foxxx and Chloe Slave Ballbusted For Forgetting Items On List (2017)

Video language: English

It’s a beautiful day. The weather is so lovely, Chloe and Sasha decide to have a picnic. A slave will serve them lunch. They give the slave a list of items to pack. With each item, the slave gets a good swift kick in the balls to help him remember. The girls keep kicking the slave as it attempts to recite the list for them. He keeps forgetting items. This makes the girls mad. He better not ruin the picnic! They kick him harder to drill the list in. Something’s not working because the more they kick him the more items he seems to forget. The girls keep kicking him anyway, because they are enjoying ballbusting al fresco. It takes several rounds of hard kicks for each item, but eventually the girls feel as though he’s memorized the list. They’re confident enough to let the idiot pack them lunch. Read more »

Chloe cruelly teases her slave

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Mistress Chloe has had her slave locked in chastity for so long that he is horny and desperate for release - all the better for her to torture and tease him with her sexy body and the possibility of release. Bound, gagged, and helpless, all he can do is suffer as Chloe edges his caged cock, sitting on his face with her crotchless latex outfit to tease him even more with what he can not have. Chloe cruelly teases her slave by dangling his chastity key over him again and again, almost unlocking him only to laugh as she pulls the key away. When Chloe has the slave so turned on that his cock is thrusting up and down, bouncing inits cage, she heartlessly walks away, leaving her slave even more horny and desperate Read more »

The Super Doma

The tattooed, bald slave is a wannabe tough guy, but when he gets under the spell of Mistress, he suddenly becomes a little whining pig. Read more »

Natalya Princess Eats Mexican Food Slave Eats Her Farts (2017)

Video language: English

Natalya had lunch at a popular fast casual Mexican restaurant chain. The restaurant is notorious for causing digestive upset in its customers, but the food tastes really good, so it’s hard to resist. Natalya has no regrets, but she wants to get all her farts out now, into the mouth of her toilet slave. She has a date with her boyfriend soon, and she wouldn’t want to accidently fart while on a date. Read more »

Nina sits on her slave’s face

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

While Nina sits on her slave's face, getting her pussy pleasured by his tongue, she completely controls his cock, expertly edging it until it is rock hard, then smacking it back down, denying his orgasm again and again. When Nina has had enough oral worship, she concentrates on jerking her slave's cock; it is just a plaything in her control. When she finally decides to let him cum, she makes sure that he eats his load while she uses her foot to squeeze the last bit of cum out of his cock Read more »
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