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Crazy Slut Dominated Some Guy

Mistress sometimes switch sites and strokes his naked ass from left and from right with the equal power. Read more »

Vanessa Cage has had her slave’s cock

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Of course, Vanessa enjoys hearing him beg for an early release while playing with his caged cock and teasing him with her hot body and the key to his chastity. Vanessa alternates between stimulating his chastised dick with her hands or sexy ass, then showing off her hot body to him, even letting him stare at her bare breasts just to make him suffer even more. Will Vanessa have pity and release him from chastity early, or will she leave him with even bluer balls than he already had? Read more »

Porucznik and rekrut – Scene 2

The slave slowly starts to feel dizzy from the pain as his head hangs on one side of the caning bench. Read more »

Mistresses use his tongue to put out their

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Mistress Tina Kay loves humiliating lowly male slaves for her amusement. With his head locked in a box and his arms bound underneath him, this poor slave is totally helpless as Tina spits in his mouth over and over again, sucking on a lollipop to generate even more spit. Once his tongue is thoroughly "lubed up" from the spit, Tina lights a cigarette, then starts blowing smoke in the slave's bound face. She orders him to stick his tongue out for her ashes; as the poor slave gags and chokes, flailing his legs helplessly, Read more »

Macho Dreams Crushed and Turned into Sissy Cocksucker – Full HD 1080p

In this clip you see the full transformation of the sissy. A fully waxed body, locked in chastity, small breast development, and then makeup applied, wig added and topped off by a pretty sissy dress until we eventually see the sissy on her knees taking a studs cock into her mouth. Along the way Kandy and Winter talk about plans for the sissy, how many cocks she will be expected to service daily, and so on. The stud and Kandy then direct the sissy on how to best suck cock to insure Kandy can keep a steady line of men coming to blow load after load of cum down this sluts hungry mouth. What would her family and friends think if they could see her now! Read more »

Mia orders him back to the floor for

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Mistress Mia catches him staring at her boots. When he confesses to it and tells her how beautiful they are, Mia allows her pony boy to worship her boots, starting by licking her heels. Mia just smiles as her slave kisses and licks her boots in complete submission to her, even degrading himself by licking the filthy floor where her boots have touched when she commands it. After some extensive boot heel worship, including deep throating both boot heels like they were a cock, Mia orders him back to the floor for some more riding Read more »

Porucznik and rekrut – Scene 1

Is her usual strict self, she tries to break the slave by barking orders, being cold and very hard with him. First she ties his ankles and wrists and then she uses her cane on his naked ass. Read more »

Goddess Tangent & Cybill Troy – Gimp Fucking – Full HD 1080p

My personality discourages all the slaves I don't want anything to do with and brings me exactly the kind of slaves I enjoy. Read more »

Morgan has him really horny

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Morgan reassures him that it will be their secret and that it will really spice up their relationship and love life. The boyfriend agrees, so Morgan prepares him by stroking his dick as he sucks on her strap-on cock. Once Morgan has him really horny, she takes his ass with her strap-on. She starts off nice and slow, but is soon fucking him really hard as they move from position to position. The once reluctant boyfriend is soon a full on slut, begging for Morgan's cock and thanking her for talking him into trying this for her. She taunts him for being such a slut as he cleans his ass filth off of her cock, begging her to keep their secret. Morgan is now in total control of him and their relationship. The world would be a much better place if more Women made their boyfriends take it up the ass for them Read more »

Summer Day (If You Cum, You Eat It)

Studio: FemdomEmpire
Cast: Summer Day
Genres: Femdom, Humiliation, Blonde, High Heels Handjob, Milking Read more »
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