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Fucked Hard – Goddess Brianna – Full HD 1080p

Goddess Brianna is going to give her bitch the fucking of his life. She loves the way he looks bent over with his whip lashes form the whipping he took earlier. Now he must be completely fucked good and hard like he deserves. Brianna makes sure his pussy is nice and lubed and stretched. She then shoves her cock into his mouth for lubing up and some extra humiliation. After she is satisfied, she bends him over for a good, hard, pounding. The slut can barely handle it but he obeys his Goddess, feeling even more submissive with each thrust of her cock. Read more »

A Painful Predicament – Mistress Michelle Lacy – Full HD 1080p

No one knows how to put slaves in painful predicaments better than Mistress Michelle Lacy. How will she hurt the slave more, through his nipples, or through his balls which is holding the 10 pound spreader bar? Mistress Michelle puts the painful tower clamps on his nipples and she tightens them more and more until his nipples are totally stretched out and she torments his already weighed down balls. The slave has a choice, he will get a caning, or endure more of what she is currently doing. What will he decide? Read more »

Taken For Slavery – Fetish Liza & Madame Catarina – Scene 1 – HD 720p

Madame Catarina and I, Fetish Liza take our new victims to an abandonned factory for Full inspection and our standards are very high. First these "men" will strip down for us, so we can check their bodies, torment their nipples and beat their cocks. There is no tolerance for erections here. Read more »

My Edging Specialty

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Mistress Helix
Genres: Femdom, Tease & Denial, Bondage, Handjob, Pantyhose, Mummification Read more »

Taken For Slavery – Fetish Liza & Madame Catarina – Scene 2 – HD 720p

It doesn't take long before the male subjects fall to their knees and understand their new fate. There is no escape, just obedience. Read more »

Presley Carter-Class Bitch Milked For Laughs

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Presley Carter
Genres: FemDom, Handjob Read more »

Mistress Aya – To Cum After Wrestling! – Full HD 1080p

Even when she beats up his balls during a wrestling match she wants his cock being stiff and erected! And she knows when she beats up his cock the perverts penis gets bigger and bigger... Then she tells him that she wants to give him a harder handjob than usual. She beat his cock hard right at cumming! Getting angry about his too early cumming she not only beats his cock but occasionally his balls very hard... Read more »

Natalya Sm Under My Stench (2017)

Video language: English

Natalya’s tummy isn’t feeling well. She’s gassy and wants a slave to serve as her fart receptacle. Natalya sits on the slave’s face in her leggings and bounces until the farts come out. She pulls her leggings down and puts the slave’s nose directly against her thong. Natalya does not want to smell her own farts at all. The slave’s mouth is her filter. He has to catch and eat them all so that she doesn’t offend herself Read more »

You Get Nothing – Amber Ivy – Full HD 1080p

his male would love an orgasm, but today he gets nothing. Instead he will serve his loving owner Amber Ivy because she has a need to be pleasured, and being female naturally means her needs come first, second and third. Read more »

Man Bitch – Goddess Brianna & Kylie Rose – Full HD 1080p

Goddess Brianna and Goddess Kylie Rose have their pathetic man bitch enslaved in their dungeon, suspended by the ankles, with his arms bound and his worthless cock locked tight in a Vice chastity cage. Hanging helplessly from the ceiling with his slut mouth wide open, the only thing he's good for is cleaning the bottom of their heels. Goddess Brianna and Goddess Kylie make use of their filthy heel cleaning whore, punishing his balls and making him suck on their dirty shoes. It's about the Goddesses' pleasure, not his, and they demand gratitude for the pleasure of serving them. Beg for mercy--these sadistic beauties have complete control. Read more »
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