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Olivia-Nicole whiping

Release Year: 2017
Genres: Femdom, humilation
Video language: English Read more »

Chinese Femdom BingXue – Scene 1 – HD 720p

Do you think you can handle a little pain, bitch? Are you ready to take everything that I’m about to do to you? You're starting to look nervous. Read more »

Olivia smoking

Release Year: 2017
Genres: Femdom, humilation
Video language: English Read more »

Julia farts

Release Year: 2017
Genres: Femdom, humilation
Video language: English Read more »

Mistress Lady Renee Whipped Balls – HD 720p

There are going to be welts all over you. I am a brutal Goddess with this whip and I love watching your skin turn red. Take it like a good bitch! Read more »

Young-femdom – The package is too late guy!

Studio: Young-femdom
Genres: Femdom

No wonder that they look terrible bruised when she reviews them with delight, but no reason for her to stop the beatings. It seems she want them damage for good... Read more »

Girls With Perfect Asses Extort Chastity Loser For All Hes Worth – Full HD 1080p

Cast: Alexa, Kayla, Natalya

Alexa has invited her chastity slave over. He has no idea what he’s in for. Alexa has lured him to the apartment with the promise that he will be let out of chastity. That’s not what she plans to do, though. Alexa’s friend Kayla is home, and she’s invited their friend Natalya over, too. The one thing the three women have in common is that they have perfect asses. Alexa knows that her chastity slave is most weak for beautiful asses. She plans, with the help of her friend and friend, to extort the loser for all he’s worth. Maybe the slave might be able to resist one perfect ass, but there’s no way he can refuse three! When the slave arrives, Alexa offers the slave the choice of either getting out of chastity, or taking her, and her friend, and friend shopping. The slave says that he rather be let out of chastity. This is the wrong answer. Alexa reeducates the slave. The girls tease the slave with their asses while listing off reasons why it is better to take them to the mall than for him to get out of chastity. The slave kisses each of the girls’ asses. Knowing he’s weak for feet, the girls also make the slave kiss their shoes. They talk about things they want to buy for themselves with his money, while the slave kisses their feet. They are going to thoroughly rinse him, to punish him for the selfishness he’s displayed with his answer. Someone so selfish needs to be taught a lesson. He doesn’t deserve to keep any of his own money. The three beautiful girls make the loser lick the soles of each of their shoes. Then, it’s time to take the girls to the mall and apologize with not only his words, but his wallet. Read more »

Emptied – Mistress Angela White – Full HD 1080p

Mistress Angela White permits her slave to cum about once a month to keep them from getting too swollen from chastity. Angela restrains her slave on all fours to milk his balls dry. Angela lets the pathetic slave worship her ass as he begs for an orgasm. She tugs at his cock with downward strokes tugging at his tightly bound balls. His horny cock throbs in her hand at the slightest sensual touch, every time he gets too close to orgasm she give him a firm slap to show him who is boss. Angela finally grants him permission to cum and empties his balls on to the table. Mistress isn't going to clean up his mess, she supervises the oral consumption of his own semen. Pathetic. Read more »

Mistress pulled him by the balls

Release Year: 2018
Cast: girl
Genres: Female Domination, Femdom Handjob, Corporal Punishment, CBT, BDSM Read more »

Nylon Smelling – Mistress Lucy – Full HD 1080p

Enjoy 7 minutes of Nylon encased foot fetish with Mistress Lucy of Elegant Femdom. Read more »
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