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Caged Fuck Pet

Release Year: 2016
Genres: Femdom, Strapon
Video language: English Read more »

Strap-on Glory Hole

Release Year: 2016
Genres: Femdom, Strapon
Video language: English Read more »

Cali Carter

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Cali Carter
Video language: English Read more »

The Slave Gauntlet – Full HD 1080p

The slaves start at one end of the gauntlet and have to crawl past all of the Mean Girls- each one holding a whip, crop, or other "instrument of pain" to beat the slaves as they go by. Some of the Mean Girls have a whip in each hand just so they can make the blows rain down upon the slaves non-stop. As soon as one slave goes through the next is sent in just behind him- like cars going through an automatic car wash. Except when they make it to the end they have to turn right back around and go through it again! By the time they make it through each station of the gauntlet they are literally covered in welts and marks from the whippings and beatings. And as if that wasn’t painful enough, they Mean Girls decide to also kick the slaves in the ribs and jam them with the points of their high heels as they go by. So basically its just "let's abuse these fuckers and hurt them as much as we can". It is definitely not "loving, consensual Femdom at Mean Girl Manor! The slaves are reduced to a trembling mess at The Mean Girls' feet before it’s all over. Read more »

Julie Vs. Ra’id An Impromptu Audition

Julie is back! And in this second match from wrestling, she wants a job! Ra'id was not impressed with her last performance and meets her request with a challenge of his own. If she can knock him out in 15 minutes, she will get her wish. The colorful Ra'id heckles her throughout the bout, which only seems to make Julie want to knock him out even more. Grapevine pins, Camel Clutches, Headscissors, Sleepers and much more are pulled out of Julies arsenal and given to Ra'id. As arrogant as he is, Julie is determined to put him in his place and get that contract. Julie showed her resiliency in her last match, but this is her at a whole new level. As if her stunning black two piece isnt enough of a distraction, her overall power and technical ability are sure to push Ra'id until he raises the white flag...if he does so at all. Read more »

Perfect Excellent Hot Mega Vip Collection The English Mansion. Part 5.

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

For lovers of female domination - video site TheEnglishMansion. See the screenshots, download movie, enjoy the show! Read more »

A Barbarous Day For Your Blundering Ways! – Joclyn – HD 720p

The Ladies Slave finds himself entangled in a steel web of which there is no escape. He is naked and unprotected, he knows that he is about to experience a painful encounter and that he is utterly helpless! There is really nothing as sensitive as a mans nipples and they can be used to cause the most excruciating of pain, the kind of pain that radiates a retort throughout one's body. Read more »

Scarlet Vs. Lance – Full HD 1080p

Scarlet enjoys a good fight against a bigger man. In Lance, she finds the perfect opponent to test herself against. Read more »

Mistress Amrita – Peeper Pindown – Scene 1 – HD 720p

Amrita is relaxing in her garden, when she notices a man peeping on her from behind a bush, she is furious and grabs him, pulling a stocking over his face and wrestling him to the ground. He tries pleading his innocence but she is not convinced and grapples him into several painful positions, completely physically dominating the poor wimp. Read more »

Mistress Amrita – Peeper Pindown – Scene 2 – HD 720p

She then face sits him in her bikini before putting her feet on his face and making him kiss them while apologising and then sending him away with his tail between his legs. Read more »
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