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Scream Me A Song! – Mistress Cybill Troy – HD 720p

The Cold hearted and menacing Cybill Troy is once again releasing her fury upon all men. In her diabolical mind there is no better way to hurt a man than to savagely destroy his man parts. She needs no reason to demonstrate such immense cruelty, she enjoys hearing the screams of her male captives as she practically castrates them with her bull whip. The louder that they scream the better. The more obvious their pain the harder she goes at them. She feeds on a mans distress and will do anything to amplify it. As demonstrated in this video as she pelts this piss ant slaves penis into obscurity with a single tail and crop. His cries filling the room as she relentlessly destroys his small little penis!!!! Read more »

Strapdomme – Scene 4 – Yasmine De Leon

In return, they are rewarded with a massive strap-on stretching their sphincters until they spew a hot load of spunk! Read more »

Mistress Helix – Helix Learns Pantyhose Pulling – Full HD 1080p

Methodical, merciless, cold. I am your drop- gorgeous goddess in white and have one goal, to tease until you have full brainmush. Read more »

Milking Day with Sadie Holmes – HD 720p

It's milking day and Goddess Sadie Holmes is going to drain this bitch slave dry. Sadie knows just how to edge and build up the slave to where the release is going to be explosive and thoroughly empty his balls. Chastity devices fit better on empty balls, it's how you can tell the best size for a slave! This slave must endure the humiliation of Sadie draining him and making him eat his own filth. Read more »

Lady Adina CP – HD 720p

Lady Adina, a extreme sexy ebony Lady from california is using her Slave for a corporal punishment session in a dungeon in Los Angeles. Read more »

As A Reward I’m Breaking You – Mandy Marx – Full HD 1080p

My favorite chastity session. It's time for a reward. I let him choose the outfit. I lead him to the bed. The rhythm I have with "rewarding" my slave with this chastity-sex-tutorial and fucking motions is overwhelming. He just wants me so bad, and just can't. Read more »

Ballbusting Extreme – Mistress Stella – Full HD 1080p

Stella fixed her slave. Today, he has to stand stable with arm cuffs and spreader bar. Now he gets ballbusted by Stella, who wears her leather outfit and her favorite boots. This boots are very painful, because they are really solid and pointed. Stella loves ballbusting and hits the slave with her legs and knees. In this clip, she kicks hard several times behind each other! Read more »

Advanced Sissy Training By The Brats Of Humiliation – HD 720p

They teach him what faces to make and what noises to make as he’s getting fucked. This is truly epic! He makes such a fool of himself just to impress the girls. And most importantly a good sissy needs to know how to suck cock. So they pull out a strap on and teach him how to suck cock like a good sissy slut. But not only does he learn how to suck cock, they teach him that he has to beg to suck cock. He sucks that cock so well that the girls think he’s done this before... Read more »

Cybill Troy High Heel Ass Fucking

So, you want to quit femdom? Is your situation too hopeless? Can you envision your life without your fetishes? Read more »

Gagged and Locked Transdoll – Fetish Liza – HD 720p

Just stand still, with your legs spread, your mouth stuffed with a gag and that male clitty locked up... I love to tease helpless dolls. Read more »
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