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Ballbustingchicks – Andrea – Watch And Cum Over My Sexy Legs

Studio: Ballbustingchicks
Genres: Femdom

She wants him to jerk off in front of her and control his orgasm. This is after she kicked him many times, full make in the cock and balls. This pervert gets a hard on from the kicking! He has a huge boner, regardless of the kicking, but only until it's too much to take, even for this horny stud with a cock like a donkey! Read more »

Worship Amanda Delicious Big Ass Pt.1

Submissive slave Melissa smells and licks her Domme big ass for several minutes letting Amanda very horny. Amanda has a real big butt and loves each second of her hot ass licking session. Read more »

Amadahy Breaks Open Piggy Bank with Whip and Rubs Salt in Open Wounds (2017)

Video language: English

Amadahy bites her piggy slave hard. Even its unseasoned raw flesh tastes delicious. Piggy was intended to be Amadahy’s personal bank, but it had the audacity to withhold a small bit of money from Princess. Unacceptable. It will pay. Piggy banks are almost always broken open when it’s time to collect the coins. After she cracks the bank open with her whip, Amadahy seasons its wounds with salt. The pig cries out a lot, inhuman sounds. It stumbles around in pain. Amadahy will not stop. Even though it can no longer stand, she continues to break it’s back open while it lies on the ground. Read more »

Goddess Sadie Holmes Denies Her Slave – Full HD 1080p

Sadie Holmes is a real Goddess and her caged slave has not been allowed to cum for the past 60 days. Sadie knows he has been beat up and broken down. She bets that he could sure use a reward for his service and all of the hell he is going through for her. However, Sadie knows that he still doesn't deserve it. She sadistically teases him by showing him her perfect pussy and talking about how horny she is. Sadie uses a sexy glass dildo to play with herself and makes the slave smell her Goddess juice. The slave is suffering, he cannot even remember the last time it was that he had a pussy. Sadie loves to tease her slave and she has a lot more in store for him than just that. Sadie brings herself to a nice orgasm and shows the slave he wet pussy juices that he cannot have. He is NOT worthy. Read more »

Punished For His Impertinence – Goddess Mena – HD 720p

I demand complete and utter obedience and devotion from those lucky enough to be chosen to serve me. This particular slave has been found guilty of numerous transgressions in his commitment to serve his Mistress. His punishment will be swift and severe in the form of an extremely sadistic discipline session with a very special (and painful) rubber paddle. Read more »

Deprivation & Interrogation – Sheri Darling & Elena De Luca

In this scene filmed and directed by Blackula Photography the slave is left in a world of unkown danger. The mistresses question and interrogate him, gag and use him as a spittoon when they don't like his answers. He is whipped, shocked and has his penis stretched relentlessly by a penis pump. His hands are rendered useless by sex and metal hand bondage. the mistress take turns twisting the screws into his fingertips just to hear him scream. The truth will not set him free, but will they let him even tell it or just leave him for further torment? Read more »

Julie Skyhigh european deputy julie’s slave part two assfucking strap-on (2015)

Video language: English

I love to dominate .. girls but also my fans and slave. Peter always tries to trick me but this time I managed to catch him jerking off again without permission. Luckily he managed to switch off his phone. I am sure his was watching one of my friends and not me !Frequently I order him to show his ass in a way that permits me to whip him. But i knew he has been cheating me, and bring a little 'gift' ... my way ... and order him to lick the cum from an unknown guy on my leather pant... pleasure or torture? this little slut like it ... so I I finally turn him around again and fuck his ass deep. Read more »

Human Wallet Divvy Up Extreme – Full HD 1080p

Cast: Chichi Medina & Chloe

ChiChi and Chloe have just sunken their hooks into a new loser, and they want to have a little fun together divvying up the contents of its wallet. They tie their loser to a metal pole in the basement, and post a humiliating sign on its chest that reads, “Human ATM.” They are going to kick him in the balls and take all his money. The cash has been divided into twenty-dollar bills. After each girl gets a good, heavy damage kick in, she gets to take one of the twenties for herself. Girls love money and they hate weakness. You can tell by how hard they kick. Finally, the crybaby’s scrotum rips open. Chloe grabs the last twenty. The girls count their loot and giggle. Deep red from the newly created gash between its legs dampens the formerly white ropes. Read more »

Chloe & Natalya – Danni Has An Accident While Kissing Friends Butt

Cast: Chloe & Natalya
Genres: Femdom, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Brat Girls, Shoe Kissing, High Heels Read more »

Ballbustingchicks – Angela Diabolo – Beat His Balls

Studio: Ballbustingchicks
Genres: Femdom

Before she strings up his sticking out hard on, she punished him severely for getting erect while she kicked him in the balls with her spiky heels. That means unbelievable brutal cock beating. Then kneeling in front of her she punishes him with ultra hard nut kicking. Read more »
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