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Young-femdom – More money in my pocket

Studio: Young-femdom
Genres: Femdom

She takes your number and tells you that from now on whenever She wants Her shoes or boots cleaned She will call you to run to Her door and wait on your knees for Her to use you. you are so aroused, your hard cock bulging through your pants as you crawl behind Her boots, She kicks you out and tells you to wait for Her call this evening when She goes out with Her girlfriends - you will be used to shine Her stilettos on Her doorstep in front of them. Read more »

Young-femdom – My friday nightin Berlin

Studio: Young-femdom
Genres: Femdom

She takes full advantage of your helplessly horny and submissive state and orders you to kiss Her soles. you have dreamed of this moment, to be used like this, to be treated like the pathetic bitch you are and to worship the boots of a powerful woman. you are under Her spell completely, doing everything She orders immediately. you lick and polish Her boots so eagerly, She decides it is the fate of your tongue to be Her personal rag. Read more »

Watching a Movie

Cast: Natalie Di Angelo, Rose Delight

What if women were the dominant sex and treated men as objects for the amusement and satisfactionof the girls? Enter the world of Girls Abuse Guys where the women are in control. Make sure you don't do anything to upset these girls or they will strip you, humiliate you and even bend you over and take a strap-on to your ass! The girls are in charge and if they want to fuck your asshole you are going to have to take it. They won't be asking you - these girls hunt in groups and will strip and fuck you, whether you want it or not guys! Read more »

Young-femdom – Are 2 girls to much for you?

Studio: Young-femdom
Genres: Femdom

Especially when you offer to help with anything around the house. She laughs and calls you out knowing exactly what you are thinking. you did say you would do anything - and She makes you prove you mean it! Slowly but surely your ego is stripped down and you find yourself doing everything She tells you to. you are on your knees at Her boots as She smiles down knowingly. Read more »

Felicia’s Office Humiliation

Genres: FemDom, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Foot Humiliation, Pantyhose Domination, Boot Fetish Read more »

Young-femdom – Painful 15 minutes…

Studio: Young-femdom
Genres: Femdom

There is one woman across the road you haven't met yet, and after noticing Her this morning you become intrigued and decide to go and introduce yourself. you knock on Her door and hear the sound of Her high heels approaching. As She opens the door, you are shocked. She looks incredible. But Her sexy outfit is not something you see your everyday neighbour wearing - this is something you have only ever fantasized about. She invites you in. As you sit and make small talk with your hot neighbour, you cant help but be distracted - your eyes wander to Her boots, Her legs, Her PVC jacket. you are getting horny and submissive. She can tell. Read more »

Kendra James and Bella Rose Full Movie

Takes the lead in the beginning of the match and this mentally effects both wrestlers. Read more »

Young-femdom – Femdom in the Kitchen

Studio: Young-femdom
Genres: Femdom

It is time to surrender to Me. you want to. Give in to My glimmering legs as I dangle them in your face. Focus on My smooth seductive voice as I guide your senses and stimulate your arousal. My crystal legs are magic and you fall so deep under My spell. your eyes fixate and follow My sultry shiny curves, your cock twitches. Read more »

Anything For My Baby – Victoria Voxxx – Full HD 1080p

Just when things start to get steamy, the video pauses, and the buffering screen takes forever to load while you try desperately to keep yourself hard? Read more »

Nibble On My Clit

Cast: Jessica

Jessica has her male tending to the kitchen, but she can't help but grope him as he works. There's only one way to satiate her need and that's getting him on his knees with his mouth between her legs, he can finish cleaning the stove later. Read more »
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