Appetizing Girls Have Lustful Boys – Part 2

His little fucks him so hard, his chastity jingles. Chloe makes danni read aloud pages from a young adult romance novel, while his fucks him. The romance novels are part of danni’s training to make him more feminine. Chloe knows that danni wants to date her, but she is excited to set him up on dates with older men instead. He is being trained 2 identify with the girl characters in the romance books, since he is unfit to ever play the boy’s part. Natalya lifts her leg up and fucks him with his legs spread. That’s how girls like to get fucked. When Natalya has finished with her starts up again. Brianna makes her tell his family that he loves them. She makes him thank his for taking his virginity. Brianna tells her that she can have a slumber party and invite her girlfriends over to help train her to take more cocks. Chloe starts the guest list in a group chat. They`ll invite the whole cheer squad to start.

Total size: 11.3 GB in 35 files.

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