Miss Jasmine – Probing The Patient FHD

Release Year: 2018

Nurse Jasmine has her patient in place and she says, "Today I have to exam every orifice on him". Her methods are a bit unorthodox, as she has him strapped to the table and he has been in chastity for sometime. Unconventional but both are confident that the procedure is required. Turns out the patient has been enslaved because of his excessive masturbation habits. It's been determined that men with small dicks, under 10 inches, are not to touch them, which means lifetime chastity, and they must also be probed daily in a manner that will insure they come to fully understand that from now on they are not fucking but getting fucked... in every hole.

You get a view of the nurse as she hops up on the slave and you can see she didn't bother wearing panties. Not very modest but duh she has her tits fully exposed. What did you expect in this kinky clinic? Jasmine's pussy skims across his locked up cock. So close but so far away. He will never fuck a pussy again, ever. Next she reaches for a large sound and proceeds to ram it into his little head. The fact it slides in so easy is evidence that he has been getting his 'treatments' for some time. She reaches down between his legs and slides her rubber covered fingers into his ass and comments how stretched it has become from constant penetration.

She reaches for a speculum dilator and slides it into his ass. It slides in easily as well and she squeezes the handle to open him up and then secures it under the chastity belt so she can move to using a bigger sound on his little dick. "Every hole is going to get stretched", she says, "even your mouth." The camera moves up and you can see that a metal device has forc*d his mouth wide open. She tells him it is being stretched to take her big cock. She then takes it out and sticks a big gag into his mouth. These treatments are designed to send men home to their wives as slaves, fully devoted to her pleasure even if it means watching hung studs visit regularly to sexually pleasure her. Excellent clip if you dream of being bound and probed to mentally and physically mold you into a true slave that has no ego and does only as ordered.

Format: mp4
Duration: 8:39
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 10726kbps
Audio: 164kbps

File size: 690.8 MB

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