Teased And Ruined By Nikki Whiplash

Release Year: 2016
Studio: sado-ladies
Genres: Mistress,Female Domination,Femdom Handjob,Ballbusting,Ruined Orgasm Read more »

Miss Eve Dynamite – The Applicant – Scene 6

I'm gonna give you something real good to jerk and cum to - MY hot body teasing the hell out of your dick. Read more »

Gianna Is A Dominatrix – Scene 3

Wait until she takes out the whips, chains and makes you get on your knees or crawl into a cage. Read more »

Miss Eve Dynamite – The Applicant – Scene 7

My words of encouragement get you so close. Jack off to me and cum big to me boy. Read more »


Release Year: 2015
Studio: brutal-facesitting
Cast: Vika Read more »

Amber Ivy – Sweaty Feet Gagging

Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

Mistress Amber knows how much her slave boy loves to worship her sweaty feet and is always amused at how horny and submissive he gets with her feet in his mouth. After ordering her slave to remove her expensive high heels, Amber fills his mouth with her foot, shoving it in until his head just bobs back and forth. She even gets both feet in his mouth! Amber then orders him to lick her toes and feet, making sure he licks up plenty of her foot sweat. She then begins rubbing his cock with her foot, then uses both feet to really get him excited. But Amber has no intentions of letting him orgasm; she just goes right back to shoving her feet into his mouth until she orders him to put her shoes back on. Amber makes the horny, unsatisfied slave crawl behind her on a leash; his pleasure means nothing to her. His only purpose was to serve her sweaty feet Read more »

Adriana Chechik – Take Every Thrust

Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

Mistress Adriana is not satisfied with just fucking her slave in the ass; she wants him to beg for it and totally submit to every thrust of her cock into his ass. Adriana starts by making him suck on her cock, laughing as it bulges out the side of his mouth. She then mounts him with her cock and fucks him long and hard. Adriana then puts him on his back and continues the fucking, smacking his cock and balls as she takes his ass. After Adriana is finished with her slut's ass, it is open and gaping, ready for the huge butt plug Adriana shoves into it as her slave gasps out in pain Read more »

Mistress – Alexis Subby (part 186) – Domination HD

Release Year: 2016
Genres: Femdom,Kunilingus,Facesitting,Strapon,Anilingus,Domination Read more »

Alix Lynx – Bigger Cock Every Day

Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

Mistress Alix keeps her fucktoy slave bound and helpless, ready for her to fuck in the ass with her strapon cocks whenever she feels like it. Alix wants to keep stretching his asshole with bigger cocks every time she fucks him because she wants him to take her entire hand in his ass and she will not stop until he can. Before Alix fucks him she can't help but make fun of his tiny cock, locked away in a chastity torture device. She makes him beg for his ass fucking, then she delivers it: long, hard, and merciless, complete with some slaps to his chest and his caged cock. When she has finished pegging his ass, she inspects it and is satisfied that it is stretched just a bit more. As she walks away, she just laughs at his helplessness as she reminds him that she will be back tomorrow - with a bigger cock Read more »

Xtreme Desires

The magnificent Monique Covet makes her Pirate debut in this edition, adding another level of lushness to the already lusty material. Shot on location in London, Monique's sexuality knows no limits as she takes you on the raunchiest ride of your life - exploring the kinkiest corners of her desires. Read more »