Perfect Vip Excellent Hot Mega Vip Collection TheEnglishMansion. Part 1.

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

The slave is about to get an unexpected workout, one that will definitely bring tears to his eyes. Mistress puts him in the frame leaving his dripping cock open to all kinds of abuse, she feeds him the pre-cum as an appetiser. Read more »

Carlin Says – Bitched

Displease me? Or are you truly foolhardy and will you request this? And come to my dungeon. To be Bitched. Simple. Unforgiving. There is nothing like it. Absolute, humiliating helplessness by the seven locks on your cock. A lesson, a calming make and a way to break you, all in one (just ask my ex). Part of you needs it. Read more »

Goddess Emmy Lou – Oops I Broke My Sub – Full HD 1080p

I may have gone too far in this clip. It started off as a harmless lap dance. I wanted to tease my sub to see how long it would take before he got hard. A few seconds in and he’s already rock solid, so I press my bare foot down on his balls a bit and keep going. After some teasing, some ball squeezing and slapping, and some cock and ball bondage, I decide I’m going to make him to cum over and over and over (and over), but he won’t get to enjoy any of his orgasms, because I’m going to ruin every single one. I almost feel bad by the end; he’s so broken. Almost. How many ruined orgasms can you handle, because I might need a new sub after this clip. Read more »

MistressEzada Videos, Part 3

I am Lady Ezada Sinn, a sophisticated lifestyle Domina and Female Suprematist. I love to control, discipline and use men for My pleasure. To Me, this is not mere play, it is Who I am, 24 hours a day. Any male that I allow to be in My presence, can only do so as a servant or a slave. From all over the world, male creatures have voluntary offered their services and submission to Me. And that is how I like it best: not to make you into submission, although I am certainly capable of doing so, but to show you that the small path that leads to your submission to Me, is the only way along which you can reach your true destination. Only as My servant or slave you can experience a certain amount of happiness and hope for salvation. For this reason, I strongly believe that all My servants and slaves are happy to serve Me. Read more »

Goddess Emmy Lou – Ballbusted Pinned and Given 3 Ruined Orgasms – Full HD 1080p

I drag my slave in by the balls and tell him I’ve got a surprise for him. I’m going to let him fuck me, but there’s one catch, he has to beat me in a wrestling match. Oh, and I don’t play fair. I squeeze his balls any chance I get, forcing him to tap-out over and over. He doesn’t stand a chance as I smother him with my pussy, teasing him with what he’ll never have. I even grab him from behind, and wrap my legs around him, using my feet to squeeze and smack his helpless balls. But, after awhile, I get bored of beating him up, so I sit on his face and tease him to three ruined orgasms in a row. When I’m finished with him, I put him a tight chastity cage, just to remind him I own ever inch of him. Read more »

Chateau-Cuir Videos, Part 6

This is a site run by Fetish Liza and is a friend site of Fetish-Liza, DirtyDommes, DirtyTransdolls, Glovemansion and Queens of Kink (C4s). This one is kind of a mix between Fetish-Liza, DirtyDommes and Glovemansion. It features women in leather masturbating, having sex, jerking off guys, having lesbian sex, female domination, strapon fucking, gloves etc. Read more »

Babes Ballin Boys Vol. 4

Studio: Pleasure Productions

If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a woman do you for a change then you need to see this video! Five horny guys get ass-banged with large dildos and thick strap-on cocks by five sexy women. This is the real deal! We are sure it will make your butt pucker! Read more »

Mistress Helix Tease Addicts (2017)

Video language: English

When somebody requests a tease or a Tease and Denial session, I know I have them. Like, I have them. Not sure there's any boy out there I couldn't turn into mush at this point. Read more »

Carlin Says Cockstring Goddess (2016)

Video language: English

Dick stillness. Total inability to struggle. Ha. Beg. Try anything. Grovel. Offer money. Can't stop me as my gentle strokes making the dick-tie too tight. One of the best dick-teases ever starts with total immobilization. Read more »

Asses Of Face Destruction Vol. 4

Studio: Evil Angel

Ashley Fires, Gianna Michaels, Petra, Whitney Stevens, Jamie Elle, Freddy Baxter, Paulo Massa, Matt Johnson The good folks at Roman Video have given us a new collection of scenes from their facesitting archives, featuring girls who like dominating men with their plump, round butts, and the lucky guys who get to wear a ladys ass like a hat. Pale blonde Ashley fires starts the fun with a trash-talking, verbal abuse-filled ass worship session. Next, bitchy, bossy Gianna her big butt and huge tits, squashing the poor face of pooch leash-wearing submissive Matt Johnson. Large-assed Brazilian Preta orders her victim Paolo around in Portugese, and petite Jamie Elle plays the role of a spoiled college brat to a T while she plants her soft, sexy little ass on Freddy Baxters face. Read more »
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