HardTied – Jan 11, 2017 – Sierra Screams – Sierra Cirque, Matt Williams

Release Year: 2017

Matt Williams has has a long week, all he does is work work work. But now it is the weekend and it's time for him to unwind with one of his all time favorite activities: tormenting a sexy woman until she unravels. He's found himself a fit young thing by the name of Sierra Cirque and the two of them are about to have a heck of a time together. After each brutal session, she will be rewarded with some time with the hitachi, but if she doesn't cum loud or well enough for him, the next session will be even worse. Read more »

TB – Nabbed and Bound

Release Year: 2016

He cuts off the granny panties exposing her sexy black nylons she mumbles and yells through the gag. He removes the gag and she gasps and then he is going to stuff those granny panties into her mouth as a gag. Then he grabs a pair of nylons and covers her head with them and tapes them securely on her head. Read more »

TB – Nabbed Part 2

Release Year: 2016

Man comes in to a women's bedroom and surprises her she screams and try to get away he grabs her and they struggles with her on the bed. He grabs her hair and try to get her to clam down not happening so he gets her arms crossed and begins to tie her up. She screams for help but no one hears her cry's. Read more »

TB – Nabbed Happy Ending Part 3

Release Year: 2016

She is bound and gagged arms bound behind her back ankles strapped hung and roped by the neck. Her sweet tit's are exposed just wearing a skirt. Begging for release she curse him out . She begins to drool from the ball gag as he makes a nice chest harness. He removes her skirt to expose her granny panties and teases her about them. Read more »

TB – Natalia Bird Cage and Rubber Whips

Release Year: 2016

Jane is bound to the table her feet bound in the spreader bar her hands on top of her head. Master Snaurg slide in the electric bullet in to her vagina and then turns it on and she begins to Yelp, and Yelp. Read more »

TB – Natalie Ball Tied Part 1

Release Year: 2016

As the pony's P-15 trainings continue we find her bound to a red posture curve her feet and bound in a spreader bar p-15 is on her back with a mirror place in front of her with hands bound to the wood framing. P-15 can not see a thing as she still has the black out contacts in. P-15 lays there as Master Snaurg runs a electric wand over her body. Read more »

TB – Natalie and the Rubber Whips Part 4

Release Year: 2016

It's a witch interrogation as many have said she bewitches them so he is going to push her through some ruff interrogations to get her to answer him on this issue. Read more »

TB – Natalie Bound at Home Part 2

Release Year: 2016

The pony girl's blind from the black out contacts and she is being place in the metal restraint system. She gets her tits played with as she awaits her new fate a fun surprise as she been such a compliant. This is her first time doing electric play with the electric wand. Now she's getting even more fun with the magic wand. Read more »

SexuallyBroken – Jan 9 2017 – Violet Monroe BaRS Part 3

Release Year: 2016

What happens when the immovable object gets hit by the irresistible make, that is exactly what is happening in this conclusion of last months live show. The best slut on the planet just met the best slut breakers on the planet, The boys of Sexually Broken have defeated the very best the porn industry has to offer, over and over again. So what happens when two gladiatorial make collide? Read more »

SensualPain – Jan 8, 2017 – Tandem slave Beating

Release Year: 2016

Master James and slave abigail paid a visit to their friends over at Paintoy Studios and before you know it... One thing led to the other and this lovely moment was captured. Slave Emma from Paintoy is never short on ideas in the sick and cruel torture department but when her breast bondage implements didn't work on slave abigail, she found herself in a predicament of her own. Two slaves are whipped and caned. Read more »
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