Sharp Heels On The Skin – Mistress Iside – Full HD 1080p

Dear diary, today it was a wonderful shopping day. I love buying shoes, even if I already own plenty of them, I always need more and, each time I buy a new pair of shoes, I like to sharpen my heels on a slave’s skin… hahahahaha. Not everybody knows that a slave’s skin is the best to sharpen heels and the more the heels are sharp, the more they penetrate into the skin, leaving deep marks. I would never forego the pleasure to mark the body of my slaves, because every mark becomes a clear sign of ownership for her Mistress. I’going to have fun trampling on every inch of the body of this useless worm, because his place is, always and only, under the heels of his Mistress and he may admire my magnificent beauty only from this point of view… Read more »

Sasha’s Cuck PT 3

Studio: subbyhubby
Genres: Domination

Esmi has just got of the phone with Sasha about meeting up for a cucky play date. Esmi tells her cuck she wants to cum before there date so she tells her slave he better make her cum before Sasha comes by. Esmi then spreads her legs and has her cuck worship her perfect pussy. Esmi demands her cuck make her cum and angrily instructs him on just what to do what his tongue. Esmi has an orgasm in her cucks face and lets him know a least he is good for one thing. Read more »

Stock und Peitsche am Kreuz – Madame Afsana

The slave had again made Madame Afsana upset, so Madame brings him pain, making him understand who's boss, as appropriate measures for punishment her cane and whips teach the slave a lesson he will not soon forget. Read more »

Sissy Slut Husbands PT 3

Studio: subbyhubby
Genres: Domination

The husbands have been locked in there chastity for a month now. Macy and Alexis want to make there balls ache. Alexis knows how bad Macy's husband would love to taste her pussy. Alexis then goes to Macy's crotch and licks her clit. Alexis makes both the husbands watch so they can get nice and turned on. Alexis and Macy both know the more the husbands get turned on in there chastity's the more excruciating pain they will feel. Alexis devourers Macy's sweet pussy as the husbands watch. The husbands wish they were allowed to lick pussy and you can see the jealousy in there eyes. Macy wants Alexis to cum in front of the husband so she pulls out a magic wand and holds it on her.Macy makes out with Alexis as she brings her to orgasm. Macy and Alexis know the slaves are in pain and would do anything to be out of chastity. Fortunately for the husbands the only thing they will get is pussy juice. Alexis wants to hold the powerful vibrator on Macy now. Macy reminds Alexis of her squirting problem. Alexis lets Macy know that she does not have to worry about making a mess because she will make sure it squirts all over the husbands faces. Alexis has the husbands lay there heads next to each other next to Macy's pussy and then brings Macy to a insanely intense orgasm. Macy squirts mostly all over her own husbands face then makes him lick it up. The loser husbands are kept in chastity as there wives get to cum and orgasm. Read more »

Mira CuckoldSexual Energy

Studio: Diary Of Princess Mira
Cast: Mira Cuckold
Genres: All Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Interracial, Cuckold, Creampie, Cum Eating Read more »

As Tough As Leather! – Liana – HD 720p

This ugly hobo gets my ultimate breathing countdown! Multiple times he has to cope with my hands on his mouth and nose, diminishing his airflow and making it impossible to breathe. He's really tough at the beginning, so it's my duty to crush his inner resistance. I wanna see him suffer after all! If he thinks that courage is the best way to escape my merciless hands, he's grossly mistaken... it encourages me even more to expand my lesson and keep it going until he'll beg me to stop... Read more »

Sissy Slut Husbands PT 5

Studio: subbyhubby
Genres: Domination

Its time for Cameron's prize.Macy is excited to give it to him and tells him what it is. Camerons prize will be to suck Alexis husbands cock. Alexis lets him know as he is sucking on her husbands cock this is the cucky's way of life. Macy and Alexis make him gag on the cock and suck it like a little whore.The Goddess's instruct and humiliate Cameron as he takes a mouth full of cock. The Goddess want Cameron to swallow a big fat load. Macy and Alexis make him suck till he explodes in his mout. Macy and Alexis make Cameron show them his mouth full of cum then swallow it all. Read more »

Sweaty Pussy – Riley Reyes – Full HD 1080p

Riley Reyes may be petite, but she definitely packs a punch. Her training sessions do make her all tired and sweaty though, which is why sometimes she needs a break. Fortunately her male doubles as both sparring partner and oral pet, and right now it's time for him to switch to oral mode. Read more »

Ballbusting and Interracial Cuckolding

When Casey was invited to a private ballet lesson by her instructor, she knew that he had something very special planned for her. He showed up completely naked at the studio, and immediately he began exploring her delicious young body by sniffing her armpits and licking her juicy teenage breasts. Then, he asked her to practice her ballerina kicks on his naked balls! Read more »

Sissy Slut Husbands PT 4

Studio: subbyhubby
Genres: Domination

Macy And Alexis are ready to fuck! They dont mean a dick in there pussies they me shoving there big black strap-on cocks in there bitch husbands man pussies. Macy and Alexis first make there husbands suck there cocks. The husbands are suck sissies they suck cock like pros. Macy and Alexis make them beg for the goddesses to put there cocks in there man pussies. Macy and Alexis are ready to fuck so they bend there husbands doggy style and fuck them raw. Macy and Alexis tear up the sissy husbands ass holes till they fuck there brains out. After Macy and Alexis are done pounding there ass holes they tell the bitches they have an announcement. The announcement is that Cameron lost the sissy dance competition earlier and since he lost he gets to suck Alexis husbands cock. Read more »
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