SweetFemdom 2018

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Lance Hart, Lilith Luxe, Janice Griffith, Lydia Black, Pierce Paris, Rev Arielle Aquinas, Sablique Von Lux, Terra Mizu
Video language: English

Cadence has Lance straddling a leather bondage with his hands tied over his head. She got him to submit completely to her, and wants easy access to his cock and balls.

He has a raging boner when she walks in, wearing her high cut leotard, black nylons and heels. She thanks him for giving his balls to her, then gets to work. She starts to squeeze and slap his balls. The more she does, the more his hard cock bounces and oozes pre-cum.

“Oh, I guess I’m going to have to empty these balls if I want this to really hurt…”
Candence takes her time edging him over and over. She squeezes his balls, slaps them, sits on them (grinding them into the leather with her ass), and stands over him to threaten stomping them with her high heeled boots.

The is an extremely sensual CBT scene. She uses a vibrator on herself. The better it feels for her, the harder she squeezes his nuts. Eventually she milks out a triple blast of cum. Some of it gets on her pantyhose, so she makes him lick it up while she has a boot on his nuts, then makes him clean the rest off her fingers.

Total size: 3.7 GB in 4 files.

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